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Verdi's Requiem 2007
Memorial Day 2007

Caretakers at the Margraten Cemetery
on Memorial Day 2007 (1)

Caretakers at the Margraten Cemetery
on Memerial Day 2007 (2)
Impressions of Memorial Day at
the Margraten cemetery 2007
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Mozart's Requiem 2006
Memorial Day 2006
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Memorial Day 2005
U.S. Ambassador Sobel Speech
U.S. President at Margraten 2005
Appreciating the Adoption Program
2nd Lt. Boyd A. Alexander
Pfc. Thomas L. Bouton
SGT. Michael A. Chiodo
Pfc. Alfred G. Corgan
Pfc. Phil R. Covert
Pfc. William F. Davis
1st. Lt. John L. Dougherty
Pfc. Robert S. Durham, Jr.
PVT Fred C. Farris
Cpl. Francis T. Fernan
PVT. Charles O. Frinks
SSGT William Frazier Furr
PVT Herman R. Fuller
PVT Otis L. Grant
Cpt. Karl O. Holliday
SSGT. Norman B. Hooker
Pfc. Hubert L. Hughes
Pfc. Stanley S. Jamraz
Pfc. Leo V. Jutrzanko
2nd. Lt. Thomas F. Layden
SSGT Leroy E. Leist
PVT Harry J. Lindemann
PVT Arthur T. Long
T/Sgt. Richard O. Maculley
Pvt. Charles A. Martin
SSGT Maurice O. Michael
SSGT Clarence L. Mullen
2nd Lt. Michael O'Grady
SGT. Austin L. Opp
Pfc. Joseph J. Orsini
1st. Lt. Joseph F. Palmer
SGT. Milton K. Rabell
1st. Lt. Kenneth R. Robinson
SGT Carl F. Roehrich
Major-General Maurice B. Rose
1st. Lt. Joseph E. Roseberry
Pfc. Horace L. Sherry
Major Thomas M. Skelly
PVT Levert L. Smith Jr.
SSGT Mike Swab
Pfc Dennis I. Venne
PVT Donald C. Weaver
1st. Lt. Clifton M. Williams
PVT Chester R. Zdonek
Edwin and Esmeralda
Andre and Maggy
Jasper van Haren
Sebastiaan Vonk
Kim Aarts
Rob Aarts
Trudy Beckers
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Memorial Day 2005
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17th Airborne Division casualties
30th Infantry Division casualties
280th Field Artillery Battalion casualties
367th Bomber Squadron casualties
368th Fighter Group casualties
508th Parachute Infantry Regiment casualties
1276th Engineers Combat Battalion casualties
List of casualties per U.S. State
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