Memorial Day at the Margraten cemetery 2007

Sometimes it is said that traditional observance of Memorial Day has diminished over the years. Whether this is true or not, local history, long told stories of hardship and gratitude combined, triggers the same sentiments which forged the roots for a vivid attendance at the Memorial Day ceremonies at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial near the town of Margraten in the Netherlands. Next of kin, veterans but also many people from all over the Dutch country gather at the grounds where more than 10.000 U.S. soldiers are either buried or commemorated. For them too, Memorial Day is a special moment of remembrance, not only attending to the ceremonies, but above all, according to Memorial Day tradition, having that personal moment with their loved one, comrade in arms or ´their fallen liberator´. A few of these people are highlighted in the next pages of this impression of Memorial Day at Margraten in 2007.

Mr. Joe Lagomarsino and grandson Derrick at the grave of PVT Joseph Lagomarsino
Mr. Joe Lagomarsino laying a wreath on behalf of the AWON

Five year old Hannah and her father visiting the grave of their great-uncle/uncle 2nd Lt. George W. Ross Jr.

30th Infantry Division veteran Mr. Buster Simmons (L) at the wreaths. Mr. Simmons' brother 1st Lt. William C. Simmons is buried at the Margraten cemetery
Even beyond life old army buddies pay respect to each other. Adopter Wil Offermans made it come true. Frank P. Moles' comrade in arms Eugene Richardson's last wish was to have some flowers placed at Frank's grave, but he died before he could visit the grave.

Two bugle players playing 'Taps' at 'call and answer' intervals