Impressions of Memorial Day at the Margraten cemetery 2007

Assistant Cemetery Superintendent Mr. William T. Haggerty meticulously prepares for Memorial Day
Mr. Haggerty was assisted by members of the Military School

The Firing Party taking position amongst the marble white crosses
The visitors of the Memorial Day ceremonies are gathering in front of the tower

The Colour Guard at attention
Fallen But Not Forgotten webmaster Marcel Kleijkers walking towards the gathering crowd

Long after his death, WWII survivor Eugene Richardson had some flowers placed at the grave of his fallen comrade in arms Frank Moles
While the ceremonies were about to begin, the graves area was as peaceful as always

Lieutenant General A.J.G.M. Blomjous, Adjutant General of Her Majesty the Queen
U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Roland E. Arnall

The traditional Fly-over of fighter planes in the 'missing man formation'