Amadeus Mozart´s Requiem at the American Cemetery Margraten.


Requiem at Margraten  1
The orchestra and Choir at the stage in front of the Tower

At Sunday 10 September the Limburg Symphony Orchestra performed Mozart´s Requiem (KV 626) at the Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten.

It was the first time ever that an event of this kind took place at one of the cemeteries maintained by the ABMC.

For the performers, the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, it was a unique, first time experience. For the visitors, including the webmasters of Fallen But Not Forgotten, the concert was an excellent tribute to those who died in the course of peace, democracy and freedom.

In his opening words, Mayor Beers of Margraten stipulated the essence of the event, a tribute to peace which is not to be taken for granted, as we are reminded these days by the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and other terrorist attacks.

The concert was performed by :

- The Limburg Symphony Orchestra
- Director : Enrico Delamboye
- Soprano : Katherine Fuge
- Mezzosoprano : Wilke te Brummelstroete

- Bariton : Tom Sol
- Tenor : Marcel Reijans
- Vocals : Classical Choir Antwerp


The Requiem Concert is the first of a hopefully traditional set of annual events taking place at the Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten. As a culturally fitting event in 2006 it was the start of the Memorial Park to be built next to the cemetery. This Memorial Park will serve as an opportunity to honor, commemorate and learn about the sacrifices in the perspective of peace, freedom, democracy and a tolerant society.

Requiem at Margraten  2

The Memorial park will be the location of permanent and temporary exhibits, displays and courses as well as seminars. At all times the phocus will be on the cemetery in Margraten. Other American fields of honor in the region, such as Henri-Chapelle and Neuville-En-Condroz will have their share as well, though.

A library and study center will facilitate a portal to an indepth understanding of the people who found their final resting place here.


Contemporary audio and visual presentation techniques will support schools and other visitors in their search for info about the cemetery and all it's related themes.

For the Foundation Adoption Graves American Cemetery Margraten there will be a permanent location at the Memorial Park.


Requiem at Margraten  3 Grave of Kenneth R. Robinson while the concert was taking place
The impressive sounds of the concert could even be heard at the gravesites at plots M, N, O and P at the back of the cemetery.
As a caretaker of one of the gravesites at the cemetery it was an absolute highlight to spend some moments at the grave while the concert was taking place.