The terrible news was conveyed to Lydia in a letter by a one of Hubert's army buddies. But for such horrible news there are no words to find. It feels like you sink into the earth and your world is falling apart.

Earl, Hubert's older brother enlisted in the Army earlier while he was 31 years young. He served in several missions in Africa before he was deployed in southern Europe. Earl died at 16 June 1944 about 60 miles north of Rome under almost similar circumstances while he was standing next to a tree when it was hit by a bomb and Earl was fataly wounded by the splinters.
Probably Earl had a love somewhere in Tennessee who was waiting for his return in vain.

The two brothers Hughes, Hubert and Earl
The two fallen brothers Hughes, Earl and Hubert

The loss of the two brothers obviously had an enormous impact on the Hughes family and the small village of Rogersville. This loss has been a part of the family ever since. Pictures of Hubert and Earl are still there, in the 140 years old farmhouse, in the very same way they were then.

The obituary of the brothers Earl and Hubert

The medals of Hubert Hughes
WW II Memorial monument in Bristoll. The last two names inscribed are Hughes, Carl E and Hughes, Hubert L.
The Roll of HOnors of Patriots pertaing to Hubert Hughes "who died serving his country"

Sisters Ina and Ruth stayed at the farm after their parents pad passed away and Marie en Alvin Jr. had left the parental house for settling elsewhere with their own families. Ina has lived in the farmhouse untill a couple of months before her death in 2006. She reached the respectable age of 93. The farmhouse has not changed much over the years and is as authentically situated as decades ago. Unfortunately, the family crest, symbolized by an "H" has no one te refer to anymore.

The "H" symbol of the Hughes family

At the request of the remaining next of kin both brothers are interred next to each other at the American cemetery at Margraten. There they found their final resting place inseparably side by side.
As “Two heroic soldiers” they are commemmorated each year on the last Sunday of May, at Memorial Day. Their names, lives and sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

The graves of the two brothers Hughes Earl and Hubert side by side at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial at Margraten, Plot F, Row 19, Graves 13 and 14

Hubert can be proud of his strong wife Lydia, who after his death had many tough years of poverty to endure, but she prevailed and took good care of their daughter Phyllis, who was educated as a teacher. Phyllis has become a beautiful woman, very caring for her husband Sam and their children Ellen and Jay, the young familymembers by marriage Jef and Emely and the grandchildren Graham, Marcy and the youngest of them all, Saddie Ruth. In Bristol Phyllis is now looking after her mother Lydia and her husband Jack (also a war veteran) with whom she married years after the war. Phyllis is also very compassionate to her friends and acquaintances. Hubert can witness from heaven that his family is very fortunate and that he has some beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren. His life is carried on in them.


Hubert's wife Lydia and daughter Phyllis
Pictures of Hubert and family at his headstone

I have tried to tell the life story of Hubert Hughes as a tribute to him. He gave his life for our peace and freedom and payed with his own life and blood. That is something we and our children just can not forget. Many lives have been lost so we can live in peace and freedom, thus this is not to be taken for granted. Let us do our best to commemorate them and never forget.

Jurgen Mingels, adopter of the grave of Pfc. Hubert L. Hughes, December 2008

The family Hofmans, adopters of the grave of Earl Hughes and Rini and Jurgen, adopters of the grave of Hubert Hughes

The adoption certificate pertaining to the grave of Pfc. Hubert L. Hughes

A special word of gratitude is going out to:

Mrs. Phyllis Hughes Marcy, daughter of Hubert L Hughes.

Mr. Sam Marcy, Phyllis'husband.

Mrs. Lydia Price Hughes, grass widow of Pfc Hubert L Hughes, mother of Phyllis.

Alvin Hughes Jr. † , youngest brother of Pfc Hubert L. Hughes.

Mrs. Marilyn Winstead, niece of Phyllis

Mr. Jurgen Mingels, adopter of the grave of Pfc. Hubert L. Hughes