TEC 4 John Frankovitz

After being in combat for 18 days, John Frankovitz was reported killed in action during a reconnaissance mission in the vicinity of Hagen, Germany on **April 14, 1945.... 23 days before the war ended in Europe. John frankovitz died of a shell fragment wound to the chest.

It should be noted that an entry in the "After Action Report" from the 311th Combat Battalion commander states that John was "reported" killed on April 14, 1945. However, there is some discrepancy with this date, since the American Battle Monuments Commission lists him as KIA on April 15, 1945.

Excerpts from the after action reports of the 311th Engineer Combat Battalion showing the entry of John's reported death and the operations being performed by the battalion on the 14th & 15th of April, are shown below.

After action reports of the 311th Engineer Combat Battalion :

April 14,1945. According to the Individual Deceased Personnel File ( I.D.P.F), John Frankovitz was attached to the 341st Infantry Regiment on the day he was killed in action.

Ruhrpocket April 14, 1945

341st Infantry Regiment advancing to the outskirts of Hagen, the 341st was given the mission to take the entire city of Hagen.

John was interred in Breuna (Hessen, Germany) on April 18, 1945 ,Plot E ,Row 5 , Grave 88 .
Before John was being permanently laid to rest in the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten, the U.S. government requested his disinterment to the cemetery in the Netherlands on two separate occasions; July 25, 1945 and again on December 3, 1947.
In August 1945,John was disinterred in Margraten, Plot OO ,Row 5,Grave 113,and in 1948 to his permanent resting place, Plot H, Row 2 , Grave 7.

John Frankovitz was posthumous awarded with the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star Medal. Below are two excerpts from the General Order # 37 of 1945.recepients of various awards of the 86th Infantry Division

Technician Fourth Grade, John Frankovitz,33 411 054,Corps of Engineers,
Headquarter and Service company,**** Engineer Combat Battalion, United
States Army, for meritorious Service in connection with military operations
against the enemy of the United States in Germany from March 27 1945 to
April 15 1945.Entered the Service from Pennsylvania.

John Frankovitz was killed In Action 23 days before the war ended in Europe. When he died, John was 24 years and 5 months old.


Pictures, courtesy of Mr. Terry Wirick , Erie County Public Library

The grave of TEC 4 John Frankovitz

John Frankovitz now rests in the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, Plot H, Row 2, Grave 7.

He is lovingly remembered by those who knew him and his family.

After doing research for more than 8 months and almost giving up hope, we finally found his brother George and his sister in law with their children and grandchilderen.

We were happy that they responded in a very warm manner.

The Adoption Certificate pertaining to the grave of TEC 4 John Frankovitz

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